Local pubs are at risk of closure due to lack of customers

Thirty five Nottinghamshire pubs have closed in the past eight years, leaving independent pubs and their customers worried about their future.

According to the Office of National Statistics, across the county, there are 17% less pubs and bars than compared to 2010, with the number falling from 210 pubs, to 175.

Secretary of the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), Andrew Ludlow, speaking to CBJNews, said that he believes one of the reasons for these closures is the growth of ‘mega pubs’, such as Wetherspoons, the popular pub chain.

“The real problem is some of the mega-pubs…they force prices down, and the smaller pubs don’t have that advantage due to scale,” he added.

Another issue facing independent pubs is the recent increase in taxes on alcohol. Alcohol is cheaper in supermarkets, leading to many people choosing to drink at home instead of going out.

“If you don’t use it you’ll definitely lose it”
Andrew Ludlow, Secretary of CAMRA

Mr Ludlow claims this is due to patrons no longer supporting their local pubs, and warns, ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll definitely lose it.’

Barman of the Rose of England, Hayden Ashby, said he believed the increase in closures was ‘mostly down to high rent and particularly high beer tax’.

Across the UK, pubs are closing at a rate of 18 pubs per week, and with more than 25% of pubs having closed since 2001.