Second hand clothes sales helping to cut down on waste in the fashion industry

With more than 300,000 tonnes of clothing being chucked away in the UK every year, the fashion industry is coming under increasing pressure to cut down on fast fashion waste.

Members of Parliament are calling for new policies to force clothing retailers to do more to cut the amount of items thrown away which is the fourth biggest contributors to UK’s carbon emissions.

Bunkers Hill, which is at the heart of Nottingham’s independent retail quarter in Hockley, hosted the “Rumble in the Jumble” sale on Sunday 25th of November.

The event encouraged the local community to purchase second hand trends instead of the latest upcoming fashion items.

“Fast Fashion is disgusting”

Alice Jackson, Bunkers Hill manager

Manager of Bunkers Hill, Alice Jackson, said,”Fast fashion is disgusting and ethically immoral”.

Alice helped organise the Hockley sale, which has now become an annual event,  to see more second hand clothes being picked as an option for fashion trends.

Lucy Stafford selling her clothes at Bunkers Hill, Hockley.

The urge to re-use and recycle in the fashion market has grown dramatically as a result of over 120 million trees being cut down each year for clothing.

“they need to act now”

Lucy Stafford, Rumble in the Jumble sale manager

Lucy Stafford, Rumble in the Jumble sale manager, believes the industry ‘needs to act now’ when asked about how the fast fashion industry can reduce the carbon footprint.

She believes that retail stores should offer recycled clothes as a sales option to cut down on fashion waste in the future. But she is worried not enough people realise the impact of fast fashion to the environment:

Lucy Stafford explaining behind the scene consequences to fast fashion.

A report from the Waste and Resources Action Programme has highlighted the issue. The  (WRAP) report: “Valuing our clothes” shows just how damaging fast fashion is in the UK to the environment. This includes how 440,000 tonnes of waste is given off during the preparation of fibres for clothing garments.

UK Fast fashion statistics:

  • British shoppers are buying twice as many clothing garments as they did 10 years ago.
  • 1,030,000 tonnes worth of clothing was consumed within the year
  • £27 billion is spent on clothes every year.
  • 75% of consumers decide to throw away clothes instead of recycling them

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