People in Leicester are among the greatest at risk of sight loss, says a new report.

The city has been earmarked as one of a handful of “at risk” areas according to the Eyecare Trust.

Lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity, alongside your diet, exercise regime and inadequate UV protection can affect the health of your eyes.

The report, for National Eye Health Week, also reveals that almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss with forecasters predicting a further half a million could lose their sight by the year 2020.

“In areas like Leicester we are seeing a worrying number of people failing to take a free nhs sight tests”
Francesca Marchetti, chair of national eye health week

The report says 20 million of us fail to have our eyes checked once every two years, as recommended, and one in ten of us have never had an eye examination.

Omar Hassan, Head of Professional Services at Vision Express says: “Poor lifestyle choices are taking their toll and we are seeing younger people increasingly suffering vision problems associated with obesity and smoking.

“It’s important you eat a balanced diet full of eye friendly nutrients, nutritional substitutes may be beneficial for some.”