Hockley Rebel located in Lace Market

Nottingham drinkers have a new pub – despite the city losing 85 since 2000.

The wave of pub closures has been blamed of changing drinking habits, higher taxes on alcohol and cheap supermarket drink

Now the Hockley Rebel in Nottingham’s Lace Market is opening its doors after a £90,000 investment.

It’s described as a “traditional” pub and will specialise in real ales & craft beer. There is also an upstairs cocktail bar called ‘Club Tiki’.

One of Nottingham’s closed pubs

Since the turn of the century, the number of pubs in the UK has decreased by 17%, with  10,500 shutting

“People who are failing need too look at keeping up with the times”
Jason Norton, Co-owner of HOCKLEY REBEL

Jason Norton feels that owners of pubs that have had to close were struggling to remain relevant and keep upgrading to hold the interest of punters.