Nottingham's popular Clumber St on Black Friday

Nottingham’s shops are hoping to cash in on Black Friday as the high street faces a wave of store closures.

Last week, House of Fraser confirmed they are closing four U.K. stores, including the multi-storey shop inside of Nottingham’s Victoria Centre.

Other store-giants such as New Look, Marks and Spencer and Carphone Warehouse have also been forced to axe multiple-stores throughout 2018, due to a lack of funding.

‘’Twenty-percent of retail sales in the U.K. now take place online.’’
Nelson Blackley, Retail Research Associate

Retail Research Associate, Nelson Blackley says: “There is a possibility that around 200 shopping centres across the U.K. could go into administration, as the funding wasn’t found.

‘’The absence of big name stores within shopping centres and high streets is having an impact… Twenty-percent of retail sales in the U.K. now take place online.”

Nottingham however, seems to be rolling-back against this consumer crisis, with its plans to give the Broadmarsh Centre a big makeover.

By 2020, £250 million pounds worth of plans should be completed and ready for the public, in an attempt to revive the high-street.

Photo Credits: Broadmarsh Intu Centre

‘’Shopping centres are integral to the health of city centres and high streets. They’ve struggled in the past few years for a number of reasons,” Mr Blackley says.

Retail Assistant and Communications Executive, Anna Murphy, reveals what the shoppers of Nottingham want to see:


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