Nottinghamshire Police to appear on body cam show.

Over 30 members of Nottinghamshire police force are due to appear on a new documentary style “bodycam” programme which follows them through their work both in the office and the field.

The new series of “UK Cops: BodyCam Squad” will be debuting today on UKTV at 9pm. The first episode contains footage of a man attacking a police officer as well as a man who is arrested for having a shotgun in the boot of his car.

Footage from the show UK Cops Bodycam Squad filmed with Nottinghamshire Police
Footage from the show UK Cops Bodycam Squad filmed with Nottinghamshire Police

Domestic Disputes, knife crime and gun crime are all displayed within the programmes series which was capture by Raw Cut Productions as part of a 22-week stint with the force.

Each episode will illustrate what the police force encounters on a 24-hour basis to keep the public safe. The officers will also share personal accounts about their experiences.

Two members of Nottinghamshire Police who were on the show, PC Keith Parkes and PC Iain Blackstock said that their experience of being on the show was nothing but positive.

“We’ve not cherry picked anything…this is a true account of what we do on a daily basis”

Police Sergeant Iain Blackstock

“Hopefully this will be a great insight to what we do…a lot of people think they know, but there’s a vast arrary of things people will get to see” says PC Iain Blackstock who has since been promoted to Police Sergeant.

More than 3,600 hours of footage of the county’s policeman in action was edited to make two series of eight one-hour episodes which can be viewed every Monday.

What do you think about the police being followed by a camera crew? Does it hinder their work or is it good to get the insight into their work?

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