Emma and Stephen Trollope / Picture: Temporary Kitchen Company

A company founded by two former Nottingham Trent University students has achieved the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2018, the most prestigious official UK award prizes for British companies.

The Temporary Kitchen Company, located in Deeside, North Wales, offers a range of unique and innovative temporary kitchens and bathrooms that enables people to remain in their own homes in the event of flooding or fire or during renovation and refurbishment work.

In addition to the specialist bathroom for disabled people, which can be set up on a driveway the company have developed a pop-up Capsule Kitchen that can be installed inside the home.

The Temporary Kitchen Company, which produces temporary kitchens and bathrooms, is a family business founded by husband and wife owners Emma and Stephen Trollope, who were both on the same Industrial Management course at the University in the 1990s.

“Attending Buckingham palace will be amazing because it’s such an iconic place. I think when we arrive it might start to feel real.”

Emma trollope, founder of temporary kitchen company

Nottingham Trent University introduced the establishment’s temporary kitchens on its Clifton Campus for three months earlier this year.

Pop up capsule / Picture: Temporary Kitchen Company

Stephen and Emma have received an invitation to attend a Buckingham Palace reception in the summer.

Emma said: “I don’t actually think it has sunk in yet. When we first started with the idea so many people told us that we wouldn’t be successful and we wouldn’t get anywhere in the insurance industry.

“Attending Buckingham palace will be amazing because it’s such an iconic place. I think when we arrive it might start to feel real.”

“We are up against a market that’s never had this option before, as the product didn’t exist. The temporary kitchen has come in and said we will save all this money and we are not greasing anyone’s palms to do it.

“We created a product that has disrupted a market, and the biggest barrier we have is giving such a cost saving but cutting out people who were making a lot of money on the back of doing a service.”

The Temporary Kitchen Company / Picture: Temporary Kitchen Company.

The Temporary Kitchen Company entered the insurance market three years ago and has achieved triple digit growth year on year for the last three years.

Emma believes the potential saving for UK insurance companies is millions: “When we signed up with one particular insurance company, they estimated in the first 12 months we would probably save a million pounds. It’s huge.”

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is an awards programme for British businesses and other organisations who excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development.