With children as young as 15 wanting cosmetic surgery, the majority of us assume that the younger generation are obsessed with altering their features. However, research has shown that middle-aged women are by far the major consumer of cosmetic surgery. 

Women aged between 45-65 are the most inclined to opt for cosmetic or plastic surgery, despite recent reports of younger women being the most obsessed with facial-altering procedures.

Dr Kenneth Kok is a consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon from the Westbourne Centre. He offers a range of non-surgical and surgical procedures from injections and dermal fillers to eyelid surgery, face-lifts, breast augmentation and liposuction.

Dr Kenneth Kok

Ken believes there are several reasons as to why middle-aged women have such a want for cosmetic surgery, including the ‘surge of the selfie’, ineffectiveness of non-surgical procedures and having more time than during their earlier life. He also explained that he had experienced a slight increase in middle-aged men wanting surgery.

Audio: Dr Kenneth Kok discusses how more middle-aged women opt for surgical procedures because non-surgical procedures aren’t as effective as you grow older.

Kenneth, along with many other professionals, believes that cosmetic surgery is becoming more accepted within society which may well be another reason as to why middle-aged members of the public feel that they can opt for cosmetic procedures.

“It’s becoming more acceptable and not such a taboo subject due to quick wins like botox”

caroline alexander, body pump instructor

Liposuction is one of the top 5 procedures amongst middle-aged women and Lisa Lee, 48, from Bedfordshire recently underwent the surgery. Lisa explained that she “found herself with a bit of extra income” after her children left home and went ahead with the surgery.

Audio: Lisa gives her opinion on why women her age opt for cosmetic procedures

I sat down with Lisa and her friends to discuss the contrasting opinions on cosmetic surgery amongst middle-aged women. Caroline Alexander, 50, works as a Body Pump Instructor and explained how she’s constantly keeping an eye on her body image.

It’s becoming more acceptable and not such a taboo subject due to quick wins like botox. I wouldn’t have it done myself but I think it’s good for people who want to feel better about themselves, as long as they are really doing it for themselves.”

The most sought after procedures within middle-aged women across 2016 and 2017:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift – perhaps due to the likes of JLo and the Kardashians
  • Twilight Treatments – ‘walk in walk out’ procedures performed under local anaesthetic)
  • Breast Reduction – the biggest number of women having these are those after childbirth

If walk in, walk out procedures weren’t enough, salons and gyms are now offering Botox appointments, making it easier than ever for members of the public to access cosmetic surgery.

Luke Nichols of Corpus Conditioning

Luke Nichols is a professional bodybuilder, strength coach and personal trainer at Corpus Conditioning.

Although Luke has never opted for cosmetic surgery, due to great demand from users, he’s set to be introducing a Botox professional to the Corpus gym.

There’s certainly been an increase in male and females wanting cosmetic surgery. From boob jobs, fillers, lips, and within guys Botox is something that’s become popular recently.”

Luke went onto add that it could “be a vanity thing” or could stem from coming to the gym and being more aware of your appearance, however he’s definitely noticed an increase in demand.

It seems that middle-aged members of the public have more reasons that ever to opt for cosmetic surgery. From disposable income, to having spare time on their hands or simply being caught up in the pressures of social media. Perhaps the younger generation aren’t as vain as we first imagined.

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