The outside of the Jamcafe.

The Jamcafé situated in Hockley is up for sale. The current owners have reassured the bar’s fans that the name and music it’s known for,  will be preserved by the new owner.

The venue opened in 2008 and was considered more of a café, before it evolved and became an entertaining nightspot, which saw live DJs and music play most nights.

Jamcafe sign.

Nat Snelson, duty manager of the Jamcafé said “I would hope Bradley will sell it to the right people, who will be considerate of what Jam was and continue the legacy.”

Bradley Rice joined Jamcafe and it’s owners, Chris and Carol Whateley in 2009, before buying into the business as a co-owner in 2015.

Carol Whateley is now wanting to retire, whilst Bradley Rice wants to pursue other career paths away from the Jamcafé.

Bradley Rice said, “I feel it’s time to take a step back and focus on my personal life and my future.”

The venue has been put up for sale for £150,000 and there are already a few people interested in buying the property, some that want to change the venue’s identity.

Nat Snelson said, “The future depends on who gets the place, there’s a few people interested who want to take it in a different direction.”

“I feel it’s time to take a step back and focus on my personal life and future”
Bradley rice, co-owner.

The co-owner, Bradley Rice said, ” There has been a lot of interest in the cafe with offers coming in already, however I will only sell it to the right people.”

“Someone who shares my values and vision for what Jam could be and needs to be.”