The ‘All About Dogs’ event took place in Newark this weekend to encourage people to take their pooches to dog training classes.

The annual dog show has not only put up agility displays, performed by the Conquest K9 unit, but also featured the 2016 Britain’s Got Talent finalists Lucy and her dog Trip Hazard.

The K9 agility display included the dogs doing tricks such as weaving through flaming poles, jumping through lit up boxes and a boys v girls agility speed competition.

Conquest K9 Agility Display

Andy Wilson, from the K9 unit, says that they do these shows to encourage people to take their dogs to training classes.

“There’s so many dogs out there that are brilliant, but don’t know they’re brilliant because they’ve never been to training.”

Both Andy and Lucy agree that training is a vital part of bringing up a dog. They argue that it is very easy and that everyone can do it.

The Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Lucy, says that using clicker training and positive reinforcement training are the nicest and easiest ways to train your dog.

“There’s a lot of misconception about dog training”

“There’s a lot of misconception about dog training… that you’ve got to be dominant and shout at them. It’s just wrong and it’s not true at all. Dogs aren’t trying to be dominant”

She strongly believes that training about trying to make them not know the difference between training and playing.”

She hopes that dog owners will train their dogs the nice way.