Mental health has been tackled in different ways. Art therapy is one of the rapidly growing methods psychotherapists are using to approach this subject. Much as its underestimated, its very effective.

Art work done in the sessions.
Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self expression through different activities.

Activities within art session therapies include, drawing images, painting, doodling, tearing paper, clay or  anything that the client wants to do.,

Each session begins with a short briefing and a relaxation exercise. After that participants create artwork with crayons, water colours, clay, chalk, paper or anything they choose to to work with.
The point is to allow the individual to doodle on the piece of paper or wall just to express how they feel at that particular moment on paper.



Each Psychotherapist focuses on a specific area for example, people suffering with trauma, depression, sexual abuse, drug abuse.
Clare Brewer an art psychotherapist at Imagine art therapy  who focuses mainly on trauma told us why art therapy is important.
Clare Brewer talks about art therapy.
She further added that, “she pays attention to someones struggles and help them get to the bottom of what’s causing those struggles rather than just putting a plaster over them. It works at quite a deep level.”
” Art therapy is really not about the art and the individual working alongside their art therapist. It’s about connection with your inner self and connection with the psychotherapist,” she added.
Paul Dodsley a mental health development officer also adds that its really important to be more aware about mental health.

Paul Dodsley on mental health.

 “I think there a lot of help out there but I think the awareness with different people is not as good as it should be”

“It’s the stigma, some people may not feel that there want to see a councillor or talk to the doctor because their are scared they could be judged. But there’s a lot of things that have been judged to raise awareness which is good,” he added.

Doodling from art therapy sessions.