Two Nottingham businesswomen are hoping to revolutionise food shopping by getting rid of plastic packaging entirely.

Kimberley Tew and Sarah Maloy started their shop with a pop-up event in March, which was attended by hundreds. They hosted their second event this weekend in response to demand.


The shop sells foodstuffs such as Almonds, Coffee, Cranberries, Pasta, Oats and Rice, and customers are encouraged to bring their own containers to fill with goods, or use the shop’s paper and bio-degradable bags.

Sarah said “Blue Planet has really highlighted how we’re bombarding our Oceans with plastic, and seeing those images has really brought it home to a lot of people… I’m so glad it’s been brought into the public consciousness”

Just some of the food available at the pop-up shop

Kimberley, owner of the UK’s first plastic-free online shop Plastic free Pantry, and Sarah, a teacher, set up the Nottingham Zero Waste Collective, a group they say is working towards a more sustainable way of shopping by reducing unnecessary packaging.

They say supermarkets rely on selling brands and encouraging customers to buy in bulk, but the demand is there for a change in culture, especially from busy families who don’t have the time to look for plastic-free alternatives.

  • 80% of all plastics in landfills or in the environment (Science Magazine)
  • 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute (Euromonitor)
  • Less than 50% of plastic bottles are recycled (Euromonitor)

With two events already, they’re hoping to open a permanent shop in the near future to further expand their business.

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