Summer’s on the way and  our bodies need to be protected from potential heat strokes and skin cancer. Both the products we use and clothing we wear provide a safety shield for our skin.

The NHS have provided details about receiving Vitamin D from the sun but also to take safety persuasions. ‘Most people can make enough Vitamin D from being out in the sun daily for short periods’.

“Airy fabrics such as linen and cotton work well and still allow your skin to breath”
Tinashe Hermajestyle

For those who want to enjoy the sun, sunscreen with a SPF of 50 or more is preferable as this protects you harmful rays. Whichever part of your skin is exposed this should be applied thoroughly with an even layer and depending on how long you are out in the sun this should be applied at least ‘twice’.

Fashion designer, writer and stylist Tinashe from Hermajestyle suggests fabrics which allow your skin to breath. For men, shorts instead of jeans allow more movement to the legs. However, following London Fashion week Men’s SS18 jeans were still on show. Jeans which are looser touching on baggy.

Tinashe suggests “airy fabrics such as linen and cotton work well and still allow your skin to breath”. Many of these fabrics can also be made into various textures, but simple light fabrics work well.

Hats are one of the ways to protect you from the sun. The bigger the better as this provides more shade for both you and your eyes.

Fedora hats can switch up an outfit to a classier, Boho look. They can be worn both in Winter and summer. For winter felt material is usually used ,and for summer straw made hats give a beach look. As resort wear fits with Summer, this is an accessory which can complete a look especially those going abroad to catch the sun.

Straw Knit Bucket Hat

Bucket hats can also work and can be worn by both men and women. Previously seen as a trend in the 90s they are still around in many shops such as Urban Outfitters. Those looking for the urban look, which can be worn by both men and woman look for those looking for an urban style.

As night falls, and minimum drops in temperature, those wanting to stay in should allow windows to stay opened. But for those still wanting to explore the summer nights till early hours of the morning, Being in Britain, the weather tends to change however, with the help of layering, or just a light jacket that can fold into your bag, this can be of easy reach when the weather changes.

Water Bottle to keep you hydrated

Signs of Heat exhaustion common both in children and adults.

  • Headache
  • Dizzness and confusion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fast breathing
  • Temperatures above 38 degrees
  • Intense thirst

To make sure you don’t suffer from any heat exhaustion dress cool as suggested by the NHS and keep hydrated with water.

Find out more via the NHS website to keep yourself protected this summer.

Video : Nottingham citizens talking about staying cool during summer.