Grace Church, Nottingham

The company Radiant Cleaners could be the first of several social enterprises run by the Church to give real life jobs for people who struggle to secure sustainable work.

The old Ministry of Labour office is the home of Nottingham’s Grace Church. Its business venture, Grace Enterprises, has launched its first of what could become a group of companies.

Radiant Cleaners has provided eight cleaning jobs for men and women who, for various reasons, are unable to secure a job. This includes ex-offenders or people who have little or no qualifications.

These are real life jobs with proper conditions and benefits and it provides its employees with a Living Wage. Radiant Cleaners was set up by Grace Church but is not a charity.

Jonah Ramdas-Harsia, Assistant Manager of Grace Enterprises

Radiant is also in discussions with Nottingham City Council and Gedling Borough Council about providing job opportunities for people leaving care.

“care of the elderly… society is pretty much giving up on that.”
Matt Parfitt, founder of grace enterprises

Partners with the company include the homeless charity, The Friary and the Jericho Road Project, a multi-church initiative aimed at helping women working in or affected by the sex industry.

Grace Church, Nottingham

The church needs to be cleaned, just like their other clients’ premises, making their building a great training facility for those looking to get into the cleaning business.

This isn’t the only venture for the church however, as Matt has plans to expand the enterprise to offer different services.

“I’d like to start a removals company and then there is social care. Especially care of the elderly… society is pretty much giving up on that.”

The services Radiant Cleaning provides:

  • Commercial cleaning; all types of commercial premises from shops and offices to pubs and cafes
  • Domestic cleaning
  • End of tenancy and deep cleans
  • Cleaning of new buildings and building sites