Nottingham Wildcats' Senior Team

Nottingham Wildcats is one of the many teams across the city encouraging women to get more involved with sports.

Now established as one of the leading women’s basketball clubs for over thirty years, the Wildcats play a big part in the community when it comes to women’s participation in sports.

Not only do the team offer opportunities for those interested in playing to get involved, they also boast their own purpose-built Nottingham Wildcat Arena which encourages women around the city to come and support the Wildcats, demonstrating that there’s more than one way to get involved with women’s sports.

In more recent years, the Wildcats have implemented a change into Nottingham Academy’s curriculum by introducing a new option for student athletes.

Nottingham Wildcats

The change allowed athletes to continue with their education alongside playing basketball as part of their curriculum. This programme has since produced elite student athletes, encouraged the participation of women in basketball and allowed Nottingham Academy to become a Regional Institute of the sport.

Despite these achievements, the Wildcats team still believe  there’s a long way to go before women are treated equally within the sports industry.

Head Coach, Dave Greenaway, believes the media, team boards and sportswomen need to work together in order to combat the inequality that still surrounds women’s sports.

“There’s more in the media that can be done, but before they also do that, there’s more that we can do to market ourselves and the league and what the women are doing in general”.

Dave also explained how being a women’s basketball team is particularly difficult in comparison to other sports.

“With all the movement around women in sport, it’s great, but sometimes for basketball itself, we’re in a small minority as a sport.

“It’s not highlighted a lot on a national platform, so we need to do what we can do to promote ourselves and get the media interested in what we do,” he added.

Dave Greenaway, Coach of the Nottingham Wildcats