Work on-going: Nottingham Trent University replace Reynobond (PE) cladding

Work is ongoing at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), to remove combustible cladding from its student accommodation.

Last year, over 30 students were evacuated from NTU halls of residence, after tests revealed that three blocks in the Byron house complex had the same aluminium composite cladding as Grenfell Tower.

The Reynobond (PE) cladding is thought to have accelerated the spread of fire that killed at least 71 people in North Kensington, on June 14, last year.

Work to remove the cladding from NTU buildings began on December 4.

Grenfell Tower fire, North Kensington, 14th June 2017

“The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance”

Steve Denton, Chief operating officer

Chief Operating Officer and Registrar at Nottingham Trent University, Steve Denton, was keen to offer his reassurance to students living in NTU accommodation.

In a message posted online, he said: “We have said all along that the safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance.”

“Working with our accommodation partner UPP, we acted swiftly to immediately review the materials used on all our buildings.”

The work on Byron will not be completed this academic year, but Martha Longdon – president of the Nottingham Trent Student Union – confirmed that it was keeping to schedule.

She said: “The work is planned to be conducted over thirty-weeks, and it is still progressing alongside the schedule. We hope it will be finished in time for September starters to be in the accommodation.”

Horbury Facades, part of the Horbury Group, have secured the contract to replace the potentially dangerous cladding. They have been providing updates on the work in progress, via social media.

Nevertheless, and in spite of reassurances from Nottingham Trent University, many students have been left frustrated by the situation.

“I think it’s awful that they have cut so many corners when we are paying so much money to be here. Why does something as awful as Grenfell have to happen before people actually take notice,” said one student.

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