The incident took place on Goose Gate in the city centre

George Hitchon is advising others to act respectfully towards doormen after claiming he was attacked by two bouncers who refused him entry into a bar.

The trainee police officer was left with a black eye and bruised ribs after the incident, which took place in the city centre.

Video: George Hitchon talks about his night out that turned into a nightmare.

He claims he had only drunk a few pints and wasn’t very drunk when he reached the bar that turned him away.

“I didn’t expect to get taken to the floor”
George Hitchon, trainee police officer.

George said ” I stepped in to ask [why I had been refused entry], and as I stepped in I came face to face, at that point the other doorman forced me to the ground and then the other one came down on top of me as well.

“I didn’t expect to get taken to the floor. I didn’t raise my hands and I didn’t step in to fight but I still got an aggressive response, so I wouldn’t say that’s reasonable”

This comes after a number of incidents involving bouncers in Nottingham have surfaced online in recent months, including an altercation between a doorman and party goers on New Years Eve.

  • Student Amrik Singh was recently asked to leave a bar because he was wearing a turban.
  • Fight involving bouncers and a student at Neck Deep Concert at Rock City in October.
  • Doorman filmed knocking out man outside Ink on New Years Eve.

George now urges others to learn from his experience “Be respectful and be cautious. Don’t give a bouncer any reason to fight with you and if a bouncer tells you to leave, then you should leave. You might not want to but it’s better than getting a black eye”

Hear George’s full story in Laws on the Doors, a documentary exploring the brutality of bouncers in Notts-coming soon.

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