Ms Rufaro Chisango

Rufaro Chisango, a black university student, captures the moment on video she was subject to verbal racial abuse, while hiding in her dorm room (March 5th)

The video clip recorded two men shouting “we hate the blacks” along with other racist comments. One women is heard sticking up for the girl shouting “leave her alone”.

The university has launched an urgent investigation into the video, as Nottinghamshire Police confirm that two 18 year-old men have been arrested in connection to the video.

“shocked and appalled”
Nottingham Trent University

Tweets show the Nottingham Trent Uni student complaining about the management of the halls, which she was told the issue will be ‘dealt with’ but nothing happened. Her tweets also show other racist remarks that were said, such as “blacks should go back to picking cotton”.

Ms Chisango’s tweet has gone viral with 3.65 million views on her video. David Lammy, North London MP, replied to Ms Chisango’s tweet urging her to contact the police and her local MP.

After the video went viral Nottingham Trent tweeted saying “we are investigating this as a matter of urgency. We are taking this extremely seriously and do not tolerate behaviour like this”.

A spokeswoman for the university added she was ‘shocked and appalled’ at the video.

The university said they are working with the accommodation partner to understand why they hadn’t heard about this sooner.

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