Rescue Rooms was one of the first venues to host new event Women in Music, on Wednesday 7th March.

The night included alternating panels of women who have all worked or are currently working in the music industry.

Guest speakers at the event included the likes of Tre Stead, who is Frank Turner’s tour manager, Verity Cowley from BBC Nottingham and a number of other women who have all had successful careers but have also struggled with some issues in the work place because of their gender.

“We really wanted to do the event just because we had noticed such a gender imbalance in the industry”

Kelly Bennaton, DHP Family

The aim of the event is to create an environment that encourages open discussion and creates a platform for positive change and affirmative action relating to the gender imbalance within the music industry.

Kelly Bennaton, one of the marketing managers behind the event, said there has been a significant lack of female applicants within the industry, which led to the formation of this event.

Audience of Rescue Rooms event, Women in Music

Anwyn Williams who works for the DHP Family, who are behind the popular venues in Nottingham like Bodega, Rock City, Rescue Rooms and Stealth, wants this event to have many outcomes. The most important she believes to be are: more women working in the industry and feeling confident, more women feeling empowered and also more men recognising how good women are at their jobs.


Kelly Bennaton, DHP Marketing Manager 


Both Kelly and the rest of DHP are working to try and get this event up and running in places all over the country. From this event and many more to come, it is hoped that more women will break through the music industry, and be able to achieve both a successful and fair career within it.


More information on the event can be found at the Rescue Rooms website.