Nottingham’s Market Square saw hundreds of people confront the snow to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick.

The parade, which began at Pelham Street and finished in Old Market Square, consisted of dancers, drummers, flags and other Irish symbols as hundreds marched in celebration.

The main events which were going to be performed on a stage in the city centre were cancelled, much to the disappointment of the event organisers.

Callum Ball, an organiser of a traditional Irish Dance event had to cancel due to health and safety concerns. Mr Ball told us that “cancelling was a tough decision and a huge shame but the safety of the public comes first”.

Irish flag being paraded though Nottingham city centre

However, not all festivities were cut short as other events such as an organised bar crawl went ahead. Although cold outside, the crowded bars and pubs were bursting with warmth and laughter, creating a vibrant atmosphere in dull conditions.

“Cancelling was a tough decision and a huge shame”
Callum Ball

With events occurring at bars and clubs all night, the people of Nottingham wouldn’t be short of things to do. However, is St. Patrick’s Day just another excuse to go to the pub or do people still celebrate it religiously?

James Moore, a father of two at the parade told us, “I have two choices, go to the pub and drink all day, or come out and see all the different events and parades with my kids, the answer is a simple one, it isn’t all about the Guinness”.

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Which ever way you celebrate the 17th March, it was a day to remember for the Irish as the Ireland international rugby team completed the grand slam and won the 2018 Six Nations.

Callum Ball said “Nottingham has a growing Irish community which is very apparent on a day like today”.

The parade was a successful event and even with the blustery weather conditions, moral was definitely not blown away.

St Patrick’s traditional colour is blue! Green only became the colour of the day after it was linked to the Irish independent movement

St Patrick was actually born in Wales and is not Irish himself, he just introduced Christianity to Ireland

New York holds one of the largest St. Patrick Day parades, with over 250,000 people marching through the streets