Nottingham train station is on the slow road back to normality as the investigation into what caused the fire continues.

The station was fully operational just a day after the fire that happened on Friday (12/01/2018).

Passengers using the station at the weekend did not experience major disruption and there was a ‘near normal service’.

Shops inside the station closed due to smoke damage

Shops and cafes within the station remain closed after being damaged by the smoke and there has been no update as to when these facilities will reopen.

However, despite the fire spreading to older parts of the station, there was no major damage caused much to the relief of station staff.

There is still no estimated cost of the damage and the time it will take to repair.

“Everyone that was in the station on the night or morning of the fire could be an important witness”


The station’s entire water supply was ‘melted’ as a result of the fire meaning temporary toilets have had to be put in place.

An investigation is currently underway as to how the fire started and the police are set to speak to potential witnesses who could have been present at the time of the fire.

Matthew Woodhouse, of British Transport Police, says, ‘Everyone in the station on the night or morning of the fire could be an important witness.’

Matthew Woodhouse, British Transport Police Spokesman

Police have already picked up several items of interest and believe CCTV footage will be vital.

The fire is currently being treated as an act of arson, but, at this moment in time, no arrests have been made.

  • The fire started at 6:20 am in the ladies toilets.
  • Fire crews were called to the scene at 6:30 am to tackle the blaze.
  • There were 10 fire crews tackling the blaze at its peak.
  • The fire was successfully put out at 5:47 pm.

Police are also appealing to any members of the public who may have mobile phone footage of the station before the fire broke out.