A law student from Nottingham Trent University was left feeling shocked and victimised after he was told to remove ‘headgear’ – that was in fact his turban – on a night out.

Amrik Singh, 22, was visiting Rush Late Bar in Mansfield with a group of friends, when he was confronted by security and asked to remove his traditional Sikh headdress.

When he explained that the turban did in fact have religious significance, he was forcibly removed from the venue and told not to return if wearing it in future.

“I was allowed entry, and went straight upstairs after paying admission fee’, Amrik told CBJ News.

“Then about half an hour later one of the security guards came and tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘take it off'”.

“I started taking my jacket off but he said ‘no, it’s the thing on your head'”.

Despite explaining the significance of the turban to the security guard, Amrik was still removed from the venue – however he was quick enough to catch a recording of the conversation before leaving.

So why do Sikhs wear turbans?

One of the main reason Sikhs wear a turban is because they do not cut their hair – this is as an acceptance of ‘God’s Will’. However the turban has other meanings, too:

  • To signify equality
  • To maintain the Sikh identity
  • To represent faith
  • A symbol of respect

The recording (below) features the guard asking “I didn’t think you were allowed to come to a pub and drink anyway?”. This guard has since been suspended, however nobody at the bar was available for comment.

This is the second time in the space of a week that a student of Nottingham Trent University has experienced discrimination, after 18-year-old Rufaro Chisango posted a video of the racist tirade she was subject to whilst at home at Sandby Halls of residence.

However Nottingham Trent Student Union President Martha Longdon has been quick to condemn any acts of racism against their students.

“The University and Union work very hard to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within students.”

“It’s very disappointing to see this behaviour and it will not be tolerated”.