Nottingham Railway Station is still being repaired after the significant fire damage.

Two months following the Nottingham Railway Station fire police have admitted that the culprit may never be caught.

British Transport Police have said in a recent press release that they can’t rule out this unfortunate possibility.

Detective Inspector Granville Sellers said; “If we don’t bring someone to justice it will not be through lack of trying.

“We will see it through to the end and whether that gets us a result or not we will have to wait and see.”

The investigation has been met with “hurdles and barriers” with a lack of CCTV footage being the main obstacle due to the fire originating in the women’s toilets.

The fire raged on for nearly 12 hours.

The blaze was started at 6:25am on Friday 12th January which then spread to the roof and throughout the station.

Sixty firefighters were needed to tackle the fire which was finally subdued at 5:50pm.

Hundreds of passenger journeys were disrupted after numerous trains were cancelled and two platforms had to be closed for two days until the following Sunday.

Network Rail has calculated the damages to the station to be around £2 million.

Nottingham Fire and Rescue sent 60 firefighters to tackle the blaze.

On February 2nd, a 33-year old Derby woman was arrested on suspicion of causing the arson but was released under investigation later that day.


DI Granville Sellers

“The lady who was arrested was released under investigation,” continued DI Sellers.

“She is still a suspect. It’s painstaking work, what we are having to do to build a case. There have been hurdles and barriers in the way, but she remains our one and only suspect at this point.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the British Transport Police and anonymously report their statement. Contact information is listed below.

  • British Transport Police can be contacted on 0800 405 040
  • Use reference number ’85 of January 12′
  • Crimestoppers can be called anonymously on 0800 555 111

Contact information for the British Transport Police can be found here on their website.