With the 2018 Nottingham Varsity Series underway in April, some fans been left disappointed as the Varsity Football – which usually sees the biggest turnout, is rumoured to be played behind closed doors this year.

Due to Nottingham having a rich sporting history,  the Nottingham Varsity Series has developed into one of the most respected varsity series in the country. However, will too much enthusiasm from fans lead to some games being played with no crowds present?

Varsity is a sporting competition between rival universities all around the United Kingdom, famously Oxford vs Cambridge, King’s College vs University College London and University of Bristol vs University of West of England.

The Nottingham’s series usually takes place over two weeks, and features a variety of sports. You can expect to watch favourites such as basketball and ice hockey, as well as  table tennis. But it seems that football, the most celebrated event in the Varsity calendar could be played behind closed doors.  Organisers want to curb the bad behaviour of fans, usually prompted by excessive drinking, such as pitch invasions.

When a match is ‘played behind closed doors’ it’s simply played without an audience. Although not yet confirmed by the Nottingham Varsity Series organisers, tickets went on sale at 12pm on March 12.  The option to buy for both men’s and women’s football was no where to be found.

Is preventing fans coming to games taking away the most important factor of Varsity which is the atmosphere, tension, and excitement of cheering your team to victory?