Nottingham continues to celebrate Mothering Sunday since the tradition began in 1908

Nottingham upheld it’s quintessential celebrations for Mother’s Day in all their entirety this Sunday with over twenty-five events for every kind of mum.

Historically, the tradition began after a twelve-year-old social activist named Anna Jarvis made a prayer “I pray that someone will found a memorial Mother’s Day commemorating her for the service she renders to humanity in every field of life. She is entitled to it.’’

After the death of her mother in 1908, Jarvis held a memorial service in honour of not just her mother, but mothers worldwide. So the tradition began.


”I get no better feeling out of my job than reuniting a mother with her long lost child”

Catherine Hamou, Family Tracing Service


One hundred and ten years later, Nottingham continues to celebrate the relationship between mother and child. Events ranged from creative workshops for two at the Focus Gallery to afternoon tea with prosecco at Belvoir castle.  The city also celebrates the history in the role of women at the National Justice Museum.

A selection of sandwiches, pastries and cakes at Afternoon Tea, Belvoir Castle

After venturing the streets of Nottingham, it’s clear to see there’s a lot of love floating around for our Mums.

However, on a day that celebrates love for family it is not easy for those without a mother. The Salvation Army, Nottingham, work hand in hand with their London branch in a team called ‘Family Tracing Service’.

Catherine Hamou, senior member of the team, gave a written statement: ‘’ I get no better feeling out of my job than returning a mother with her long lost child.‘’

CBJ Reporter, Emily Gilson voice over’s Catherine Hamou’s written statement

If you’re looking for or know anyone who is searching for a lost relative, don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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