Nottingham Buses

Nottingham City Transport will be increasing prices for their bus services for the first time in 4 years. The changes will start on Sunday, March 25th.

Nottingham City Transport say they made the decision in an effort to balance its books after a review.

Single cash fares will go up by 20p to £2.20 and All-Day Tickets will go up by 30p to £3.80.

we appreciate nobody likes to pay more … we have to pass on the costs  to our customers
Nicola Tidy, nct marketing and communications director 

Other changes include the Under 19 Single rising for the first time in 8 years by 10p to £1.10 (if paid in cash).

The NCTX Buses App will also rise for the first time since it launched in 2016.

Nicola Tidy, Marketing Director at Nottingham City Transport says;”We appreciate nobody likes to pay more, but we are no longer able to absorb above inflationary increases in our operating costs and, like any business, we have to pass some of these costs on to our customers”.

Nottingham City Centre

A statement from the NCT website read; “This review covers on bus cash fares, NCTX Buses App. Easyrider and Robin Hood prices.

“If you currently pay cash on the bus, switching to the NCTX Buses App, Easyrider and Robin Hood can minimise the increase in your fare.”

These price increases haven’t been received well by members of the public.


The main NCT fare changes are:

  • City Area Single increases to £2.20
  • All-day cash ticket increases to £4, but customers can pay £3.80 if they switch to paying with the NCTX Buses App or a Robin Hood Pay as you go Card
  • Increasing Easy Rider Everyday and Everyday Further prices
  • Under 19s increase for the first time in 8 years to £1.10
  • Expanding the range of tickets customers can buy on their Smart Phone