Businesses in Nottingham are aiming to reduce the levels of plastic waste they produce, following Theresa May’s 25 year plastic waste elimination plan.

Japanese inspired restaurant chain Wagamama aims to end its use of plastic straws, and instead are favouring new paper straws.

The restaurant, which is situated in the heart of Nottingham, prides itself on its philosophy of ‘positive eating and positive living’. Following this, the restaurant has begun to only provide plastic straws on request, and will stop providing plastic straws at all from Earth Day on April 22nd.

” we’re asking you to turn your slurp into a sip.”

From this date, those who request straws will be given a biodegradable alternative, a decision that the chain believe  could prevent seven million straws being sent to landfill each year. The company went to explain on Twitter that ‘We’re asking your slurp into a sip’, as they will ‘no longer be serving drinks with straws’.

January 2018 also saw JD Weatherspoon’s, which has multiple eateries in Nottingham, stopping automatically giving customers straws. They believe that this movement will stop roughly 70 million straws entering landfill or ending up in the ocean each year.

Straw usage has been central to the plastic reduction debate, with the ‘Refuse the Straw’ campaign calling on consumers and businesses alike to go plastic free and alter their behaviour.

Designer Vivienne Westwood is at the forefront of the campaign, and recently said on Facebook that ‘the straw in your cocktail or coffee will be on this planet forever’. The post was then shared over 300,000 times.

Vivienne Westwood Facebook Post

We asked the people of Nottingham whether they are happy to see the introduction of paper straws.

It seems that despite disliking a ‘soggy straw’, most people are on board with the movement, and would like to see a decrease in plastic wastage. Could this be the final straw?

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