Pubs and Bars across Nottingham are raising money for Prostate Cancer UK in March

Nottingham’s pubs and bars will be joining forces with venues across the UK as part of ‘The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz’, raising money for Prostate Cancer UK and various other charities.

The event’s organisers PubAid have chosen to run the quizzes for a third time, after raising an impressive £200,000 for 800 charities over the past two years.

28 venues in Nottingham and the surrounding county have already signed up to host an evening as part of the event, which runs from 4th – 8th March.


The Horn In Hand on Goldsmith Street is one of 28 venues getting involed in ‘The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz’

“It combines people having fun and donating to charity”

jacob thandi, quiz master @ the horn in hand

Jacob Thandi, who hosts Monday’s pub quiz at The Horn in Hand on Goldsmith Street believes the event will continue to be a success.

“I think people enjoy going to quizzes because of the competitive aspect, it’s a good laugh, you can have a drink.” says Jacob.

“(The charity event) is a fantastic idea because it combines people having fun and donating to charity. I think it’s a brilliant thing to do, it gets everybody involved and makes people aware as well.”

Facts about Prostate Cancer:

  • 130 people in the UK are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the UK, per day. (47,700 per year)
  • Prostate cancer accounts for 26% of all new cancer cases in males in the UK
  • 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime
  • Prostate cancer is most common in Black males, then White males and least common in Asian males
  • Over 11,000 people in the UK die from Prostate Cancer, per year.

Source: Cancer Research UK

The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz is set to take place between the 4th and 8th of March. To find your nearest venue taking part visit