More people are joining gyms after New Year

As usual, following New Year, there was a spike in gym memberships. But how important are gyms in the large scheme of the fitness world?

It has been two months since New Year, and the rush of people flooding to gyms in an attempt to fulfil their resolutions of getting fit. However, it could be argued that gyms aren’t all that essential when it comes to fitness.

With access to parks, other sports facilities, and organised park runs, there are much cheaper options for staying fit than opening up a gym membership. However, there still is an importance to gyms.

Gyms don’t only provide access to equipment and a place to work out, they also provide an atmosphere that encourages people to push themselves further. As well as this, there are also personal trainers in gyms on a more individual basis.

“If I was doing a session with a client. I’d give them a diet sheet to work through,” says personal trainer James Disney, at the NTSU gym, in regards to how they help their clients with their fitness.

Personal trainer James Disney talks about his role. 

Only 14% of the UK has a gym membership, compared to 20% in the US, and 25% in some European countries, such as Germany and Sweden.

According to statistics, the gym business seems to be growing, with a 44% increase in expenditure on gym memberships, which could be due to budget gym chains, such as Pure Gym, and Fit4Less.

And so to answer the question of whether or not gyms are actually necessary, it is important to remember that gyms don’t only provide equipment, they come with the advantage of being around other people, and a helping hand when you need it.