Fast food franchise Chunky Chicken, bringing in the crowds of hungry students

Gorging out on greasy foods is an essential part of a night out for many of us. A new investigation into the link between excessive drinking and overeating is underway.

A team of Public Health specialists at Nottingham Council are looking into whether there’s science behind our drunken eating habits.


”Neurons in the brain which stimulate us to eat are activated by alcohol consumption”
Ben Rush, Public Health specialist

The obsession with fast food is ever-growing, with one in six young people eating junk food twice a day. Binge drinking in Nottingham is a common lifestyle due to the student based population; making it the ideal location to investigate why alcohol makes us crave unhealthy food.

Ben Rush, Public Health specialist, says: ”Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, so if you fancy something to eat and you’re drunk, you’re more likely to opt for unhealthy foods. Particular neurons in the brain which stimulate us to eat are activated by alcohol consumption”.

However, despite the science behind it, the main discovery of the investigation was that eating after a night out is in fact a habit more than anything.


Unhealthy snacks are more than tempting after a night out

Ayat Khan, a member of staff at the fast food franchise Chunky Chicken, agrees ”It is definitely a habit. We get drunk people coming in and ordering fifty pounds worth of food and they only eat about five wings.”

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We asked the students of Nottingham why they’re hungry on their night out:


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