Snowfall settles in Nottingham.

Siberian winds from Russia have hit Nottingham leaving the area to freeze in temperatures hitting as low as -8 degrees celcius. 

Snowfall is settling across the United Kingdom, and Nottingham is just one of many areas which is affected by the adverse weather conditions named the ‘Beast from the East’.

The winter conditions are expected to stay throughout the week, as Met Office warned that Mobile phone services could be disrupted as well as power outages occurring.

Nottingham City Transport have not faced any issues yet but could be forced to react if the bad weather continues.

Snowfall set to continue throughout the week.

Some areas are meant to be colder than the arctic circle with some authorities even warning of a potential risk to life.

“This spell of weather is the coldest that parts of the country have seen since at least 2013”
Laura Patterson, Met Office Chief Forecaster

Nottingham could see snowfall up to 4cm across the week as other areas may be expecting around 20cm, especially areas in Scotland.

The Met Office have warned that anywhere could be at risk from icy conditions as snow could fall anywhere combined with below freezing temperatures. “This spell of weather is the coldest that parts of the country have seen since at least 2013”, warns Chief Forecaster Laura Patterson. Suggesting Britain has not dealt with these conditions in around five years.

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Met Office has issued Nottingham with a yellow warning with other parts of the UK being given the orange warning.

Any weather updates will be given on and any transport disruptions or updates will be seen on