Jermaine about to use the Tinder application

The most popular dating side in the United Kingdom according to Apple and Android app stores is Tinder. According to the app 60% of users choose Tinder rather than other dating services.

Since its creation in 2012, Tinder has grown to become the most popular dating site in the UK especially amongst young males. Research conducted by Cambridge University found that there are twice as many men using tinder than woman.

The apps main aim is to help people find love. Users have the option of swiping right, if they like the image and bio they see, or left if they don’t. From this point both sexes can interact with each other over an online conversation.

Many people feel that one of the major problems that they have with the app is the way in which other people view the users of the app. Many people are seen as only using tinder for their sexual needs and interests.

“Women only believe that men are on Tinder just to have Sex”

Jermaine Daniels

Former Tinder user, Jermaine Daniels, said that one of the main problems that he had when talking to women on the app was that they believed that ” men are only on Tinder to have sex.”

Jermaine about to use the Tinder application