Stanhope Primary School turned 50 this year, to celebrate, pupils as young as eight helped to design and build the tree-inspired sculpture that was unveiled on Wednesday (1st October).

Stanhope Primary School officially began educating pupils in 1967, making it middle-aged in 2017. The school on Keyworth Road teaches more than 300 boys and girls. Not only is Stanhope an inviting school, it is also rated as ‘Good’ by OFSTED.

VIDEO: Teacher Karen Martt talks about the project.

The Silk Mill, in Beeston donated materials to the school, allowing the children to use their imagination, enthusiasm and team work to make the sculpture. Grasshopper Garden, located in Mapperley also helped to provide resources, including cutting equipment the children used under close supervision.

Parents proudly gathered to see the children present their project before the unveiling. The pupils talked about the different roles they shared and how the teamwork has benefited them.

Photo: The children present the different stages of the project for parents.
Photo: Parents clapping after hearing the pupils achievements.

Stanhope is the second school to be part of the Making it Industrial Heritage Trusts pilot project, providing children with extra curricular, learning opportunities, through interactive learning.

The Trust help schools to create exciting prospects for children, enriching their creativity and problem solving skills aiding in further development. The school is one of many others to come, that will benefit.

“My little boy is disabled, this has brought a lot out of him”

mother of Stanhope pupil

The children undertook roles that encouraged them to take on larger responsibilities like forming metal, designing the leaves, attending trips, understanding important complex maths and co-operation.

One mum said “My little boy is disabled, this has brought a lot out of him, made him more confident, he’s enjoyed it a lot”

Photo: Mrs Calderwood, Headteacher (right) and pupils smiled at the unveiling on Wednesday (1st October)

The sculpture has eight leaves each encompass eight values held by the school; Succeed, Together, Achieve, Nurture, Happiness, Opportunity, Progress and finally Encourage.

The youngsters were chosen for the project by teaching staff, who based their decision on those who enjoy designing and creating things. The task provided them with the opportunity to recognise their own strengths, away from their usual subjects.

“We know that money is Tight in schools”
Stephen Michaels from the making it heritage Trust

The school wanted to celebrate its 50th birthday with something that encompasses the school’s efforts to educate the next generation.

Stephen Michaels from the Making it Heritage Trust said “We know that money is tight in schools, we know that to create a project that is meaningful you need to bring as many people in as possible. To create something that is a little bit longer lasting.”

The school look forward to more projects in the future.

On Twitter on ex-pupil tweeted asking if anyone knew of a Mrs Margaret Thompson from when they attended the school in the 80s.

  • Gedling is home to over 40 schools
  • Stanhope Primary School achieved 94.3% attendance in Week 2 spring term.
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