Kebab meat box.
Chip Inn's kebab box meal.

People from across the UK are travelling to a small village in Nottinghamshire to try their new kebab after they posted a video online.

The Chip Inn in Huthwaite, just off the M1, has seen hundreds of people travel to them for their £15 meat box kebab.

It’s a 12″ pizza box filled with chips, cheese, doner meat and chicken with a selection of sauces and salad.

The ‘Double Decker’ kebab box was created after a regular customer wanted a bigger version of their house special kebab box so they could share with friends.

After the video was posted online by the owners Megan and Erdal Altinoz, it has been viewed over 2 million times.

People have travelled from as far as Devon to see and buy this double decker box. As well as customers asking for delivery to Newcastle.

“It’s Crazy!”
Megan Altinoz, Owner of The Chip Inn

Megan says that they have had an unprecedented response to their creation: “It’s Crazy! I can’t believe that this is one little village and one little chip shop. It has just got out of hand.”

In the first weekend, the couple saw customers waiting for hours to get their hands on the Double Decker meat box and have had to more than double their order for potatoes.

Erdal Altinoz getting doner kebab meat.

Megan and Erdal said: “We definitely want to try something else, but at the moment we’re just so busy, we daren’t introduce anything else. We can’t cope with the demand.”

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