A film crew closes part of Market Square. Photo: Will Hollis

Between 5pm and 9:30pm on Sunday (January 21) the crew from the upcoming film ‘Outlawed’ had the freedom to turn the square into a scene of chaos, smoke and flashing blue lights.

The front of the Council House was cordoned off as the team worked to complete a feature length action film that’s been in production for several years.

A line of tape separated the film set which featured an ambulance, fire engine and police cars from the onlooking public. Two community support officers from Nottinghamshire Police also stood by to ensure the public’s safety.

“It was a great honour to be granted permission to blow up Nottingham’s most iconic building”
Adam Collins, Co-Director

Actors dressed in counter terrorism costumes and holding imitation firearms joined the crew of over 100 people which also included stunt performers, pyrotechnic specialists and even some local film students on work experience.

The film’s co-directors Adam Collins and Luke Radford took pride in getting permission to shoot in such a historical location.

Adam said: “It was a great honour to be granted permission to blow up Nottingham’s most iconic building, all in the name of film of course!

“We went on to shoot a huge firefight with explosions and action sequences with some very talented industry stunt performers.”

The team have been working on the film for a number of years under the original working title ‘Heart of Chaos’, but are looking forward to its completion with the final name.

“We were very excited to film the end scene in Nottingham market square and have now finally come to the end of shooting this movie.

“We have been so fortunate for all the support and assistance we have received throughout this project. We could have never made it through without the efforts and commitments of every single person who has been on board with us on this.”

The production team had to take precautions to be sure they didn’t alarm the public with the sudden appearance of men with guns and emergency service crews.

“We apologise if the scene caused anyone any alarm.”
Adam Collins, Co-Director

Adam said: “Due to the current climate we have had to be extremely cautious and responsible to minimalise disruption to the general public and to placate any concerns to the best of our abilities.

“We apologise if the scene caused anyone any alarm.”

Some members of the public believed there was a real emergency taking place.

On virtually no budget the film crew had to move away from traditional film making techniques. Director of Photography Will Price has been working in the Nottingham film industry for years.

He said: “This is effectively zero budget so we haven’t got the ability to rent any generators and massive lights and get everything up, you know, how you’d normally do it.

“So we’ve just gotta work with what we’ve got and still make it look good. And that’s the trick.”

Will’s job is to meet the visual aspects of the Director’s creative vision, despite any drawbacks.

“The main thing we’ve gotta be aware of is it’s night time, it’s raining so we’ve kinda leant into that.

“We’ve used the fire engines and the ambulances we’ve got and the flashing blue lights as sort of our main sources for the scene. It’s a lot to think of.”

A film crew closes part of Market Square. Photo: Will Price, Director of Photography

Adam is an ex-Royal Marine and hopes that the finished film can be used to raise money for the veterans charity Help for Heroes.

The film production also gave local student’s from Confetti college a chance to get hands on experience with their tutor Luke Radford who is co-directing Outlawed.