UniLift is a new app launched in Nottingham with the aim of helping students save money by allowing them to offer and share the costs of travel.

As well as bringing in money through mutually agrees prices for the service, it also has an underlying concept of encouraging students to socialise.

Students can sign up to the service via university .ac.uk email addresses and are provided with a ‘student service’ WhatsApp number to help answer any questions.

Safety measure are in place with the app featuring driving licence verification, real-time tracking and feedback systems.

 “Student travel should be affordable and sociable and it is our mission to make it so.
Roshan sood – UNIlift founder

UniLift claims to offer travel seats to students which are 15x cheaper than taxis and 5x cheaper than trains on average with market research indicating savings of up to £350 per year.

Courtesy of UniLift.io


Rooshan Sood, Unilift’s founder, says, ‘It’s not just ‘carpooling’ or ‘ridesharing’ but also about creating opportunities to connect whilst saving money-whether it be a long journey or a brief trip.

’Student travel should be affordable and sociable and it is our mission to make it so.’

The official UniLift website says, ‘The app is perfect for city-hopping, end of term travel, festivals, road-trips and weekends away, enabling safe, sociable & sustainable travel for the student community.

‘User friendly features include ApplePay, instant messaging and personal profiles.’

The UniLift app is live now on iOS & Android.