The pug cafe that tours around the country is coming to Nottingham. It will be set up in Cafe Sobar and pug owners will be able to make reservations for their pets.

There will be a special pug menu and the ‘guests’ will be allowed to munch on some delicious treats, appropriately named to match the theme of the day. They will include ‘cupcakes’ and ‘dognuts’.

Owners and dog lovers generally can indulge in Cafe Sobar’s menu while the pooches play with new friends and lap up the attention.

Event organiser, Anushka Fernando, explains that the pop-up cafe is not to allow dog lovers to come and pet the pugs but a cafe dedicated to pugs for pugs.

Audio: Anushka Fernando, the event organiser speaks about the Pug Cafe

The event will start at 9am and will be made up of 70 minute time slots.

The Pug Cafe is primarily aimed at pug owners and their little friends however there is a limited number of slots for pug lovers too.

“this is not a petting cafe. it is a cafe dedicated to pugs for pugs”


Booking is required and the pug cafe will open on Saturday the 3rd February. You will need to provide the following information.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. The number of pugs (if any) that you are bringing. This can be up to 4.
  3. Name and photo of each pug you are bringing.
  4. Contact Number
  5. Number of people attending
  6. Your 1st and 2nd preferred time slots

For more information on how to book and prices please visit The Pug Cafe Website.

Pug Cafe is coming to Nottingham!