Eight people are thought to have killed themselves while in Nottingham prison and inspectors found a high level of drugs and violence involving prisoners and staff.

Peter Clarke, the Chief Inspector of prisons, has demanded the Secretary of State for Justice intervene in order to save lives and protect prisoners from a ‘fundamentally unsafe’ prison.

This revelation has come after eight prisoners are said to have committed suicide in the past two years and levels of self-harm have risen significantly.

The inspections also found that there were a high level of drugs, violence and assaults within the prison, including the prison officers using undue force.

The prison was rated “poor” in safety, dating back to 2014. This same rating, which is the lowest possible grading, was also issued in 2016.

Nottingham MP Chris Leslie, insists he has been trying to tackle this issue for many months now.

“if they are treated badly…They will commit crimes again.”

Chris Leslie, Nottingham MP

Nottingham Prison received a ‘ppor’ grading in three consecutive inspections

Nottingham MP Chris Leslie says the state of the prison is hampering rehabilitation of prisoners.  ‘If they are treated badly, they will commit crimes again.’

One of the issues previously found was that the majority of staff had less than one year’s experience and this had contributed to the problems within the prison.

Justice Secretary David Gauke has insisted that measures have now been put in place in order to improve the conditions of the prison. “We have already provided more experienced staff and boosted the number of prison officers by more than 100”.

Mr Gauke is providing an action plan within the next month, that he hopes will dramatically change the state of the current prison.

HMP Nottingham information can be found on this website