Firefighter tackles blaze in Station ticket hall. Credit: Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Nottingham Railway Station has been evacuated after a fire ripped through the new part of the building.

The blaze, which is believed to have started in a toilet, has spread to the concourse and even parts of the roof, leaving most of the station full of smoke. The fire also spread to a footbridge at the station leading over the rail tracks.

The fire started at 06:30GMT and at the height of the fire, ten fire crews were tackling it.

The fire has caused national rail delays to and from Nottingham with services being cancelled for the entire day and forecast to be cancelled tomorrow as well.

The closure of the station, which has 4,600 daily passengers, has led to the cancellation of hundreds of trains and has left many visitors and commuters stranded.

Firefighters leaving the blaze at Nottingham Train Station

Many were left looking for alternative means of travel, with some booking travel with the app Uber. This left many out of pocket however due to the surge in demand on Uber taxis and the surge charging added to the fare.

“we are aware of the significant impact it is having on the city”
Bryn Coleman, Incident commander

Investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing, but no one is believed to have been injured.

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