Several clinics have been opened throughout Nottingham to help ‘hidden users’ of the synthetic cannabis drug, mamba.

Mamba, more commonly known as spice, mimics the effects of cannabis but poses a more significant threat to the user’s health.

Nottinghamshire Police reported almost 400 mamba-related incidents last year and in August, a man died in the city centre after taking the illegal drug.

In an effort to combat the growing problem Nottingham Recovery Network is trying out clinics to help those suffering with mamba addiction learn more about the drug.

“A lot of the dealers have seen breaking bad, they think they can make their own”
neil brooks, clinical specialist

The charity currently helps those who are battling with addiction to other drugs and alcohol. They are now working with GPs in eight surgeries across Nottingham with mamba specialists.

Neil Brooks, a clinical specialist working with the charity, says that the new clinics will offer help “tailored to the individual”, either through therapy, prescriptions drugs or rehab.

The drug is “very cheap compared to other drugs” and many still believe it is legal, therefore mamba is extremely popular and easily accessed across the country.

There are over 2,000 varieties of mamba made by chemists and even some home-made ones. “A lot of the dealers have seen breaking bad, they think they can make their own”.


  • Up to 65 people a month are caught taking mamba in Nottingham
  • Puts users in a ‘zombie-like’ state
  • In August 2017 alone, there were 65 incidents reported
  • Almost 400 mamba-related reports to Nottinghamshire Police in 2017
  • Paramedics called around 5 times a day to patients on spice or mamba in the East Midlands
  • Birmingham and Manchester are witnessing a growing mamba problem too

If you need help, or know someone that does, call 0800 066 5362 or visit