Portuguese-Style dance ‘Kizomba’ is proving to be the newest dance craze, with people of all ages attending ‘DanceKizomba’ classes across the East Midlands.

The style of dance is described as explosive, sensual and contagious, and is said to be so popular due to its softness and basic steps.

The classes started in the UK five years ago, but have come to prominence recently in Nottingham in particular, as Lace Market bar Missoula has started to host the classes.

DanceKizomba is run by professional dance pair, Francesca Owen and Sagar, who started out teaching salsa dancing to Loughborough University students.


Kizomba’s biggest attraction is the basic steps, and the fact that modern music is used, as opposed to the similar salsa style dancing which mainly has traditional music.

DanceKizomba classes are on the rise, and with the high participation of classes in the East Midlands, there will likely be even more Kizomba to come.