Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make their royal debut appearance in Nottingham

It was a proud moment in history for Nottingham, as the new royal couple made their first joint official public appearance together in the city, following their engagement.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Nottingham Contemporary to see a Terrence Higgins Trust world aids charity fair, before then going to Nottingham Academy to meet head teachers at the school, taking part in The Full Effect Programme.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle outside Nottingham Contemporary

Both the Terrence Higgins Trust and The Full Effect Programme, are of great importance to Prince Harry as they are projects concerning issues that he has a lot of interest and concern for. The Terrence Higgins Trust is a charity at the forefront of fighting HIV and improving the nation’s sexual health, and the charity event held at Nottingham Contemporary, had the attention of Prince Harry and Meghan as they heard about the work encouraging testing and supporting people to live well with HIV.

Members of the crowd, included individuals wanting to get attention from the royal couple to raise awareness of the kind of work they do. Juliet Trout, from the organisation, Places for People, which is part of the Right Direction team, works alongside the Terrence Higgins Trust in supporting people in the city with HIV related issues in a housing related manor.
Juliet stated how important it was for Prince Harry and Meghan to be paying a visit to Nottingham as the work at Places for People has their “invested interest in the services that the city has to offer”.

 Video: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving Nottingham Contemporary together after attending a Terrence Higgins Trust world aids charity fair

Many people from all over the world turned up outside Nottingham Contemporary to get a shot of the new royal couple, as they made their debut dressed matching in navy coats.

One member of the public expressed how it was an exciting moment, as not every day do you get to see a member of the royal family in the flesh. He went on to say how after seeing the couple in real life compared to the TV, they are just “gorgeous” and “when they get married they will have many happy years together”.

“When they get married, they will have many happy years together”

Member of Nottingham Public

Video: Member of the Nottingham public talks about what he thinks of the new royal couple and why he has come to see the royal appearance

With regards to Prince Harry and Meghan choosing to mark their first royal engagement in Nottingham, Councillor and Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council, John Handley said it was “absolutely phenomenal for the city and the county” as well as for the “local people and local economy”.

Audio: Interview clip with Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council, John Handley

““Absolutely phenomenal for the city and the county”

John Handley, Chairman of Nottinghamshire County council

Following the appearance of the royal couple, Nottingham is hoping to continue to make further links with Prince Harry and his soon to be wife, as the excitement now shifts away from the royal engagement to the royal wedding, due to take place on May 2018 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.