Capital Of Culture poster

Nottingham’s 2023 European Capital of Culture bid has been blocked due to Brexit by the European Commission.

Nottingham was one of five British cities set to compete for the European Capital of Culture with the assurance that Britain’s decision to leave the EU would not affect this bid.

The European Commission told the British government that  it “would not be possible” for the cities to place bids and its selection process should “immediately be discontinued”.

“It was great to see Nottingham 2023 trending in the UK”

Chris Hickman, Communications Manager Nottingham 2023

When the bid was announced back in August and it received a huge amount of support from the people of Nottingham according to the bid team.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) disagreed with this stance and is working with Nottingham and the five other British cities as to whether their bids can still be submitted to the judging panel.

Nottingham’s campaign had been backed by numerous cultural icons such as actress Vicky McClure and the band Sleaford Mods.

  • First round of voting was set to take place on 30th November.
  • Second round of voting set to take place in 2018.
  • Leeds, Dundee, Belfast and Milton Keynes were also submitting bids.

The Nottingham 2023 bid website still live so all hope of Nottingham not being able to submit their bids has not vanished.

The bidding team are now working with the DCMS as to whether when they can find a solution where the city is still able to submit its bid.