Kebabs are most popular at the end of a drunken night out for most consumers. However, new EU legislation could make them illegal after the Turkish favourite has been linked to cardiovascular disease.

Doner kebab has been on the market in Britain since the early 1970s and has been a guilty pleasure of many ever since. With it potentially being banned in the future many might not take lightly to it.

Kebab shops in Nottingham
Kebab Shops in Nottingham

Legislation has now been put forward by the European Union that would make them illegal because of phosphates they contain.

EU Politicians are moving to ban phosphates, necessary to keep meat moist. This has raised health concerns based on studies linking one of the Brit’s favourites on a night out to heart disease.

The health committee voted 32-22 to oppose it, following recent studies indicating the addictive put people at greater risk of heart disease.

However Kebab shop owners are not too happy about it.

“Businesses will be closing down, it won’t be happening any time soon”
Noor Khan, Kebabish Takeaway Owner 

The Kebab issue came about when the EU’s executive Commission proposed to officially authorise the use of phosphates in the Lamb, Mutton, Beef or Veal that goes into a shop split. Other meats have also previously received such clearance.

There have been accusations of ‘Doner discrimination’ because some sausages that contain phosphates would still be on the market.

Traditional Chicken Shawarma

Doner meat is not to be confused with ‘Shawarma’ also sold by traditional Turkish restaurants. Shawarma is a Levantine meat preparation where Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Veal and other meats are place on a split and grilled for up to a whole day.

“shawarma is freshly prepared daily in my restaurant and is not doner meat, You can see what shawarma is”
Asif Mehdvi, ‘Istanbul’ takeaway owner 

There has been a warning of huge job losses if the ban was given the go ahead across Europe. But if rejected Europeans will be able to to revel in Doner squalor without worry.

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