A golf park in Lenton has undergone a ‘Jurassic’ renovation to attract people of all ages, in an attempt to introduce the sport to a younger generation.

The refurbishment of Riverside Family Golf Centre on Lenton Lane took a period of three months, with workers being on site seven days a week.

The course has pre-historic features mostly involving dinosaurs, including smoking cars, crashing airplanes, all amongst a crazy-golf course.

The golf centre was also recently re-named from N1GOLF Centre Riverside to try and get younger people engaged in the sport and aiming for families to visit the centre as a day out.

“Golf was seen as a richer mans’ game.”
Declan Malone, Owner of Riverside Family Golf Centre

The golf course takes inspiration from famous holes around the world which include St Andrews, The Belfry, Augusta and many more, so young players can put themselves in the position of the professionals, who have competed at those respected venues.

The 18-hole golf course includes, grass banks, water features, rocks

Owner of the Riverside Family Golf Centre and former PGA golfer, Declan Malone says he’s trying to break down social barriers in the game.

“Maybe going back twenty, thirty years there were certain perceptions with golf, and was seen as a richer mans’ game,” he said.

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“Things have changed a lot since then, now there are plenty of opportunities with it, we are encouraging kids from all backgrounds to get involved with golf.”

PGA Professional Lee Westwood was also from Nottingham, he went on to win 42 titles around the world, including 22 on a European stage.

The dinosaur theme has proved popular to the public so far, and the centre hasn’t finished yet as they look to expand further, alongside American Golf.

The recent revamp of the golf centre has attracted a lot of new interest from Nottinghamshire and Declan Malone believes it is a good investment and will reap the rewards ‘in the long term’.

Audio: Owner of Riverside Family Golf Centre and Ex PGA Professional, Declan Malone.