Park and Ride at Forest Rec already overflowing

Charges for parking at the Forest Rec during busy times are being considered by Nottingham City Council.

The move would mean that free parking for tram users would remain, but people who wish to attend events would have to pay to park on other parts of the site.

Goose Fair is one event for which charges could apply. A council spokesperson said the charges were to “help control where parking takes place”.

There have been mixed reactions to the proposal. Residents of the area will receive permits making them exempt from the new charge. But they will only receive one permit per household. These residents in Nottingham share their views.

“we need to make sure that people park safely”

Councillor Sally Longford said: “During events such as Goose Fair, there are more cars around the Forest Recreation Ground and we need to make sure that people park safely.

“The new order will control this and prevent unsafe parking at the park.”

Under the proposals, civil enforcement officers would be able to enforce parking fines to anyone who parked outside the designated areas, or anyone who parked without a ticket.

Nottingham’s Goose Fair, which is attended by more than half a million people every year, could be one event for which parking charges will be introduced.

Goose fair is one of the events for which parking charges could be introduced.



With more than 15 events spread throughout the year, parking can be essential for families or visitors from afar to be able to enjoy the fairs and attractions.

So what do you think? Do you think that having safer places for people to park will be better? Or does the price increase mean that less people will be able to attended the events? Let us know on our social media links down below.