Dominique Binns has battled through body image and unhealthy eating habits over the years. She now empowers others and coaches her happy, healthy lifestyle.

Dominique, founder of DBFIT_ Online coaching, personal trainer and fitness model, has transformed her unhealthy life style to a strong, healthy one.

Dominique first became obsessed with her weight in 2013, when she was a finalist of Britain’s Next Top Model.

Admitting that this was the time she was doing extreme amounts of cardio. Her diet became so unhealthy and unsustainable, she would be having lattes every time she was hungry.

She revealed that she would go spinning twice a day and running in between whilst eating very little. She didn’t see how this was having a negative effect on her body and health.

“The sugar and carbs in the latte were probably the only thing that kept me alive”

Dominique Binns, DBFIT_

“I’ve done shake diets, I’ve done juice plus, I’ve done slim fast. And then it went to the extremes of literally just having lattes when I was hungry. So my sugar and carbs in the lattes were one of the only things that kept me alive at one point”.

After discovering other fitness accounts on Instagram, Dominique joined a body building styled gym at a petite seven stone 12. However, Dominique’s habits continued to get worse.

She then developed, “an even worse” eating habit and that was bingeing. She would binge once a week, every week then continue to make herself sick.

She only realised how bad it got when the owner of the gym told her “I’m not even sure how you’re not dead”, after looking at her daily intake.

“There’s a difference between surviving and thriving”

Dominique Binns, DBFIT_

“There’s a difference between surviving and thriving and at the moment what you’re doing is making your body survive”. Dominique had started to accept that she needed help.

After having a nutrition plan made, she started to enjoy her training. And after seeing positive changes to her health and body, she met her current coach Josh.

“I’m not obsessive, I’m Passionate”

Dominique Binns, DBFIT_

“He changed my whole outlook on eating and how to actually approach it. Now I have a much more healthy approach to diet and training, I’m not obsessive, I’m passionate”.

Dominique Binns
Dominique Binns

Dominique has battled from obsessive, to loving her training and healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She has flourished, starting her own online fitness coaching and personal training.

“I’ve been skinny and it was the unhappiest I have ever been in my entire life” whereas now, “being strong is about being confident, it’s about being empowered”.

“Appreciate what you’ve got there and then”

DOminique Binns, DBFIT_

She now advocates empowerment and confidence amongst women. “Regardless of what point your journeys in, you need to appreciate what you’ve actually got there and then”.

Dominique is now healthy, happy, strong and most of all, confident.

Video: Dominique Binns

Anorexia nervosa: Between 0.3 and 1% of young women have anorexia nervosa (which makes anorexia as common as autism).

Bulimia nervosa: Around 1 to 3% of young women have bulimia nervosa.

Binge-Eating Disorder: Around 3% of the population has binge-eating disorder.

Between 4% and 20% of young women practice unhealthy patterns of dieting, purging, and binge-eating.

Currently, about one in 20 young women in the community has an eating disorder.

These statistics are taken from the Academy for Eating Disorders.