The popular taxi app Uber have launched a new delivery service that brings all of your favourite Nottingham treats to your door.

The app, which is already available in cities such as London and Birmingham, will have to compete against the likes of JustEat and Deliveroo, which are already well-established food delivery services in Nottingham.

Just like the ever-growing taxi app, UberEATS allows customers to order freshly made food at the touch of a button between 11am and 11pm, every day of the week- making it easier than ever to get your favourite foods without leaving the house.

“We’re hugely excited to be launching in Nottingham. People in the city can now use UberEATS to get the food they want as conveniently as booking a car”
Mathieu Proust, General Manager of UberEATS. 

Over 50 restaurants in the city have got involved with the app, including the likes of Griddle and Shake, an independent burger restaurant that believes that business is business.

Interview with Luisa Castro, a restaurant at the popular Nottingham eatery.

However, it seems that Uber’s food delivery app is extremely similar to those that already exist in the city- with most apps having links with the same restaurants.

Deliveroo has been around in the city for 2 years, and thrives on delivering high quality food to the doorsteps of Nottingham- which makes them a worthy competitor for the new Uber app.

Food to your door might sound like a good idea, but are delivery services like these putting a stop to the dining experience? According to a twitter poll, 55% of people still prefer to dine in a restaurant than get a takeaway.

A twitter poll showing that 55% of people still prefer to eat in a restaurant.

One restaurant that relies solely on in-store custom is George’s Great British Kitchen, an up market fish and chip shop in the city centre.

Laurence Williamson, the assistant manager of the restaurant said that “We have lots of different dishes and we can’t guarantee that it’s going to get to the customer how we want it to get to them”.

He then added how much the atmosphere of the restaurant contributes to their brand “The whole experience of coming into the restaurant is the seaside, and you’re not going to get that in a box”.

Having launched on Friday, the app is already proving successful in the city centre and it seems that the Nottingham food delivery market is ever growing.