Nottinghamshire police is the first in country to implement a separate classification for misogynistic incidents to try and make Nottingham a safer place for women.

The new hate crime category aims to change the way people think about misogynistic abuse, and empower women to move easily about their city minus being uncomfortable, insulted or harassed.

Women will now feel comfortable to report many offences they may not have before due to the normalisation of such incidents.

“We have received numerous reports and have been able to provide a service to women in Nottinghamshire who perhaps wouldn’t have approached six months ago.”
Dave Alton Hate crime manager for Nottingham police 


What is a hate crime?

A crime that the victim or any other persons perceives to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards any aspect of person identity. five strands of hate crime:

  • Disability
  • Gender identity
  • Race, ethnicity or nationality
  • Religion, faith or belief
  • Sexual orientation

Forces can include their own definition of a hate crime

Its hoped people will become more confident in reporting any offence as the police are taking all crimes seriously.

The increase of recorded sexual assault shows that faith in the police force is being gained as victims have confidence to now come forward.

Some believe it to be a hysterical overreaction, and do not see the bigger picture because they see it as a waste of police money and time.

  • Sexual assault in Nottingham between April 18th 2014 and April 31st 2015 there was a rise of 79.4 per cent of reported rape offences
  • The CPSS published conviction rates in September this year in 2015-16 violence against women and girls reports show the Eastmidlands has the highest rape conviction rate in the country
  • 124 percent increase number of recorded rapes in England and wales between 2012 and 2016
  • Women coalition found that 85% of women aged 18-24 have experienced unwanted sexual attention in public places and 45% have experienced unwanted sexual touching, which can amount to sexual assault

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