Nottingham City Council say that they have managed to reduce the amount of bubble gum litter by 41% but they are still giving out over £100,000 worth of fines for littering.

Whilst there are designated street cleaners and rubbish collectors that clean up the streets, it’s not an uncommon sight that litter will be on the pavement. Many people believe that the problem resides within the amount of students in the city, with 40% of people believing that students are to blame .

2,254 fines handed out this year alone

However despite this perception of students, it is actually adults aged 35-44 who litter the most, 2,254 have been fined this year for rubbish and discarding cigarette stubs, a 21% rise on the previous year.

The cause for such a high amount of litter and rubbish being left on the street may be down to the lack of knowledge the public have. As our reporter James Ramsay found out, many people claim they don’t know that it is illegal and carries a fine.



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